January 11 - 20, 2019




Mushuk Lamas, is a community of around 25 households near the Huallaga river village of Shapaja in the province of San Martin. The area is mostly highland tropical forest but due to the elevation has significantly less humidity, rainfall, and cloud cover than lowland Amazonia. 

Shapaja is 45 minutes by car via paved road from the nearest airport in Tarapoto. Accessibility to the site will be a bit challenging as there is a 3 mile hike (2.5 hours up / 1.5 hour down) via dirt walking path from Shapaja, ascending 2,500 feet to the community. Volunteers will stay in sleeping bags in the open air community center or personal tents during the project and traditional meals will be prepared for the volunteers by the community.

Twende Solar volunteers will install a ground-mounted 7.5 kW PV array + 21 kWh battery bank on communal land. The system will power community center lighting, refrigeration, and 3-4 computers with internet connection with power to spare for refining their coffee production process and lighting homes.


Make a difference in the lives and livelihoods of the community while truly experiencing Peruvian culture, food and hospitality. Let’s go solar, together!


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CULTURAL EXCURSION: Chasuta, The Chocolate Jungle

“There are a thousand reasons to go to Chasuta. Its location makes it a transition point between the high jungle and the Amazon plain. Here the roads end and the river transport begins. By the Huallaga (river) we will reach Shilcayo Island, the perfect place to visit a cocoa plantation and taste its fruit. Back to Chasuta, in Mishky Cacao, we will see how this cocoa is transformed into chocolate and chocolates.

Chasuta also has a strong identity and a rich cultural heritage, which is manifested mainly through its ancestral pottery, preserved in the museum and workshop of Wasichay. In the eighties, with the eruption of plastic, traditional ceramics were about to disappear; but thanks to Wasichay, who did a rescue and revalorization of local crafts, now has a flourishing future.”


  • $800 trip fee paid to Twende Solar to cover food and lodging from the evening of Jan 11 - the morning of Jan 20, the Chocolate Jungle cultural excursion, one-way flight from Lima to Tarapoto, and round trip transportation between Tarapoto city/airport and the project site.

  • Volunteers are responsible for their own airfare to Lima, Peru and all return flights. Current prices are around $1,000 round trip.

  • Volunteers must raise $1,500-2,000 by December 16, 2018 to support the cost of empowering the Mushuk Lamas community. Twende Solar will provide volunteers with marketing materials, ideas, and a peer-to-peer fundraising platform to aide their efforts. Any gap between funds raised and $1,500 will need to be made up by the volunteer before the start of the project.

  • No advanced visa is needed for U.S. Passport holders. A stamp upon entry will suffice but you must have 6 months validity at time of entry. Check here if you are from another country, then visit you country’s government travel site to confirm.


  • We would love to have everyone join us for this awesome project. However, the community can only host a limited number of solar warriors and we have 10 spots available for volunteers.

  • Applications will be open until Sept 14 at 10 PM at which point they will be reviewed for completeness. Thorough applications will be separated into experience categories and selected to ensure fairness and a successful project team composition. If you are not selected, we hope you can join us on our next project!

  • Selected volunteers will be notified via email by 5 pm on September 21st and will have until midnight on October 4th to remit their $800 trip fee via check or ACH transfer or at twendesolar.org/donate.

  • There will be a handful of meetings between October and December to prepare for the install.

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The volunteer application for peru is officially closed. Any further applications will be put on a wait list and we hope you can join us for our next project! Don’t forget to sign up for Twende Solar’s newsletter and follow us on social media to be the first to know about future projects.

Perú Volunteer Application (CLOSED)

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