Founded in 1949 by John Van Diest Sr., Portland Rescue Mission opened its doors as the “John 3:16 Mission.” Since then, the Portland Rescue Mission has had a tireless commitment to breaking the cycle of homelessness, addiction and despair in the lives of hurting people in need.

Shepherd’s Door is a sanctuary of peace and security for women and children (ages 10 and under) who are seeking to transition into healthy lifestyles while dealing with the pain of addiction and previous choices. 

Twende Solar - Portland Rescue Mission - Shepherd's Door Shelter - 25kW Solar PV Installation - Portland, OR
Twende Solar - Portland Rescue Mission - Shepherd's Door Shelter - 25kW Solar PV Installation - Portland, OR

“The first time I came here, that’s when I felt safe from the streets and being homeless. This program has given me hope for the future and for a different life.”

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Having previously explored investing in solar, the Portland Rescue Mission (PRM) determined, like many other non-profits, that it is not financially feasible as the primarily incentives (tax credits) are not accessible by tax-exempt organizations. However, the solar industry—its employees and abundance of products—has a thirst to give back to community-driven organizations. 

Twende Solar serves to make that connection. Attracting the best of PV industry, Twende Solar leverages its volunteers’ expertise, connections, and philanthropic spirit to install high-quality solar PV systems at an affordable cost for its partner organizations. Twende Solar has identified Shepherd’s Door as an ideal candidate for a local project: a relatively new, up to date building that provides critical services to the Portland community. By offsetting its energy consumption with solar energy, PRM can reinvest its energy budget on its mission: providing vital services to thousands of men, women and children affected by homelessness, addiction, hunger and abuse. 

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