We're excited to partner with Global ADE and Green Empowerment to bring solar to Siem Reap! This October Twende Solar will install a 26kW solar PV system on the Stephen Mazujian Middle School—electrifying the academic potential for nearly one thousand students!

Twende Solar - Global ADE - Siem Reap, Cambodia

Nationwide, Cambodia is still suffering the effects of a devastating genocide in the late 1970s, which specifically targeted those with a formal education. Additionally, an estimated 66% of Cambodia’s population lives without modern energy services. Limited access to energy coupled with minimal education leaves many faced with stunted job opportunities, perpetuating the cycle of poverty. 

In hopes of revolutionizing the academic capacity of the Stephen Mazujian Middle School, Twende plans to install a 26kW off-grid PV system this October. The proposed system will support the school’s increasing energy needs, and ultimately replace its expensive and unreliable diesel generator with a stable source of electricity. Most notably the solar array will power a brand new computer lab—providing access to technology for students who otherwise would remain out of touch with modern advances. Through solar-specific curriculum and engagement with the system, Twende hopes to inspire students to pursue STEM careers and the continuation of renewable energy work in these communities. 

Join us in revolutionizing the academic capacity of the Stephen Mazujian Middle School—Let's go solar, together!