PROJECT OVERVIEW | medical clinic - san juanico, mexico

In the rural fishing village of San Juanico, Mexico, the community medical clinic, along with the rest of the population of approximately 1,000 residents, receives power from the grid for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. Without reliable electrical service from the grid, the “Salon de Salud” is only able to provide limited services to the local population. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “many small rural and public facilities in resource-constrained settings suffer from unreliable energy networks, impeding health service provision.” Intermittent power means that the clinic in this pueblo, also known as Scorpion Bay, is unable to refrigerate vital medications like antivenom and insulin nor power EKG and defibrillator machines.

The WHO also states that “the quality of energy access in health facilities may have crosscutting impacts on other aspects of health services. These may include, for example, hours of operation or retention of health workers who often live right alongside the health clinic.” This has definitely been the case in San Juanico where an on-call nurse handles most routine medical care and doctors come to do clinics a few times each month.

In the recent past, a young resident was run over and another resident suffered a stroke. In situations where urgency of care is of utmost importance, having to drive several hours to receive the care that can save your life is is an unfortunate reality that this remote community faces.



Our community partner is the Green Go Solar Project. Founder Keith Bonarrigo recognized the need for affordable, sustainable, reliable energy in San Juanico when he moved there in 2008. Keith and the Green Go Solar Project have been offering DIY solar panel workshops in the community - encouraging residents to use recycled windows and solar cells to learn solar theory and make their own solar panels to power their off-grid homes. Winner of the 2018 Energy Globe Award for Mexico, Keith and the Green Go Solar Project team are committed to bringing reliable, sustainable energy to the community of San Juanico, Baja Sur.

A white Dodge truck with a tailgate cover acts as a traveling office and storage closet for the local doctor on call.

A white Dodge truck with a tailgate cover acts as a traveling office and storage closet for the local doctor on call.

Lines outside are common given the clinic’s limited hours.

Lines outside are common given the clinic’s limited hours.


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