The Photovoltaic Oath

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Twende Solar was formed to bridge the gap between renewable energy experts and energy-poor communities. The Photovoltaic (PV) Oath embodies the spirit of the medical profession’s Hippocratic Oath and calls upon the solar industry to join together to empower developing communities worldwide. Without access to reliable electricity, sustainable development cannot happen.

“It's this responsibility that if you have this skill set and knowledge and you find yourself in a situation in which you can help others, you have this oath of responsibility to do so. All of us who are trained industry professionals, I feel we have a responsibility to take our enabling technologies to those in need and provide them with electricity.” -John Grieser, Twende Co-Founder and co-Owner of Elemental Energy

Whether it is through pro bono services, contributing last year’s or cosmetically imperfect solar equipment, or donating a portion of your company’s proceeds to increase access to electricity for developing communities, Twende Solar will partner with your business to make an impact.

It takes a village, let’s go solar—together!

Read about the photovoltaic oath in this Solar Power World article:

See the Photovoltaic Oath in Action


The Save A Watt, Give A Watt Program

Designed to help solar contractors use their business as a force for good, this program helps your business have a global impact while working locally.

You are working hard every day to make sure your customers are powering their homes and businesses with renewable energy. By donating a small percentage of each project’s profit or inviting your customers to make a contribution to Twende Solar, you are magnifying the impact of each installation by helping an off-grid community have access to stable electricity to further sustainable development.


Join the companies that have taken Twende Solar’s Photovoltaic Oath:

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