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Companies take Twende Solar’s Photovoltaic Oath to provide renewable energy to communities in need

Solar Power world - September 2019

Manufacturer Unirac joins solar contractors Elemental Energy and SunPower by Milholland Electric in taking Twende Solar’s Photovoltaic Oath, committing to use their expertise and resources to help further Twende’s mission to empower energy-deficient communities by implementing renewable energy systems worldwide.


Portland Rescue Mission Partners with Twende Solar

KAtu - june 2018

It's a landmark project between two local non-profit organizations. Erin Holcomb from Portland Rescue Mission and Marissa Johnson from Twende Solar joined us to share the installation of a solar energy system at Shepherd's Door and how that will benefit far more than the resident's of the one facility.


Nonprofit Twende Solar Brings Solar Benefits to Portland Rescue Mission

energy trust | November 2018

In October, Energy Trust staff presented a big check to Portland nonprofit Twende Solar for installing solar panels on the Portland Rescue Mission’s Shepherd’s Door facility, a residential addiction recovery program for women and their children.

EE SignIn.jpg

Massive Nonprofit Installation Helps Portland’s Homeless in a Powerful Way

Solar power world | November 2018 (pages 24-29)

This project size required massive people-power, but Twende had no trouble recruiting area solar companies and other industry workers to help. In fact, it had the opposite problem—so many people were willing to pitch in that some had to be turned down.

Copy of TwendeSolar-Cambodia-2016-269.jpg

Guatemala: Maya Jaguar School Recap

august 2016

What does it take to install 6.6kW of Washington-made iTek Energy solar modules atop a mountain in Guatemala?


New Solar System Brings Hope and Opportunity to Cambodia School

SunPower | January 2017

The team at Twende Solar spent 10 months planning and raising funds for the solar installation project. In October, a group of 14 volunteers, including myself, traveled to the school for the week-long endeavor.


Cambodia: Stephen Mazujian Middle School Recap

January 2017

Cambodia has one of the lowest electrification rates in SE Asia with an estimated 6.9 million people living without access to electricity. Where the grid is inaccessible or unreliable, households are forced to rely on expensive car batteries or pollutant diesel generators as power sources—costing as much as $1/kWh (compared to an average of 12 cents in the U.S.).