Since 2010, members of Twende Solar have worked with a variety of nonprofits to design and install systems in some of the most remote parts of the world, including Mexico, Nicaragua, and Tanzania. Additionally, they have dedicated their time, expertise, and materials to medical clinics in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, solar water purification system designs in Haiti, and the development of education materials for volunteer groups in Peru. Collectively these projects and donations of resources and expertise have improved thousands of lives in developing nations.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Consultant and Design Engineer for Congo Solar Health Project

Working with large government funded multi-partner projects, OHSU’s Global Health Center and Architects Without Borders to implement 3kW PV systems for five rural off-grid health clinics. 

Project Design + Goals

• Aims to build healthy and prosperous communities through the implementation of solar electricity for health clinics and to serve as a model for several global health initiatives.

• The solar electric system has been pre-engineered for rapid deployment at five medical clinics in the Congo.

• The system is also enabled with remote data monitoring via cellular networks. This is to ensure system reliability and operation, and also provides an educational and analytical tool for studying electricity usage patterns.

• The electricity will be used to power facilities that test the efficiency of disease surveillance systems (DSS).



  • Members of Twende Solar traveled with Green Empower to install multiple solar-powered water pumping systems for family farms and communities in rural Nicaragua.

    • Each resident of El Jocote receives at least 10 gallons of clean water each dayreducing the time spent hauling water; restored the watershed for long-term safeguarding of water supply; diversifying and increasing agricultural production, in turn improving individual health and nutrition; improved overall quality of life in the region. 

  • Empowered community members with new skill sets and financial sustainability.

  • Demonstrated success with renewable energy as an example for nearby communities to replicate.

  • Installed a 9 kW system on Clínica Verde, an outpatient community clinic – a global prototype of a sustainably designed health clinic in Nicaragua.



  • In 2010 and 2011 members of Twende Solar traveled with Solar-Hope and designed, managed and installed solar on 36 rural off-grid sites throughout Tanzania, impacting roughly 3,000 students & teachers, doctors & patients, and community members.
  • Formed a partnership with the Tanzanian government and the District of Ludewa to design and install solar powered water-pumping station to meet the daily needs of 10,000 residents.

  • Fostered the growth of two successful start-up solar enterprises in Iringa and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

“The Oregon Peace Pod”

Engineering, Procurement and Construction for Applied Peace Technologies

The Peace Pod is a self-contained medical clinic, communication center, and water decontamination unit, housed in portable shipping container.

Project Design + Goals

• Provided system design and drafted engineering and technical drawings for the project.

• Utilized international and grassroots development experience to provide insight and prevent unintentional oversight often made by western organizations who step into communities with a "solution" before building community investment or completing on the ground research.