Known for its steep volcanoes, vast rainforests and ancient Mayan ruins, Guatemala has been captivating travelers for centuries.

Nestled between Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador, Guatemala is home to roughly 15 million people and is 80% electrified. But in this mountainous country, the grid has yet to reach its most rural communities, where the majority of the country's population resides. 

Located deep within the rainforests of the Cuchumatan Mountains sits the Maya Jaguar School. Unlike other rural schools, the Maya Jaguar School provides students with a fully-equipped computer lab and offers a specialty two-year Computer Sciences diploma. Coupled with expanded courses beyond the country’s mandated curriculum, these classes and skill sets best prepare students for gainful employment upon graduation. 

Only accessible by rugged dirt roads or walking paths winding up through the mountains, the Maya Jaguar School is far from any source of electricity, making solar the only reliable source of power for their academic initiatives. In hopes of empowering the youth of these rural villages, Twende Solar designed a 6.6kW off-grid solar PV system to support and expand the academic programming of the Maya Jaguar School. 

Accompanied by a group of passionate volunteers from Elemental Energy, Twende Solar traveled by plane and 4x4 trucks to solarize the Maya Jaguar School. Equipped with Washington-made itek Energy solar modules, Rolls Surrette batteries, and OutBack Power off-grid equipment, the Maya Jaguar School will have clean, reliable electricity for years to come.

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