Despite having relatively easy access to clean drinking water, Americans are the world largest consumers of bottled water. Studies have shown that Americans use on average 50 billion water bottles each year—only 23% of those plastic bottles are recycled when finished. Meaning nearly 38 billion of water bottles were trashed, leading to increased pollution and landfill waste. The damage doesn't stop there, the economic impact of producing more than $1 Billion in wasted plastic each year is equivalent to 912 million gallons of oil! All of this can be avoided by simply using a reusable water bottle to reduce waste.

Reduce waste with a reusable water bottle that's made in the USA!

We're excited to partner with Drink For Good for a renewable energy water bottle! Drink For Good designs Cause Bottles that are constructed of 100% recycled aluminum, BPA-free, and are made by union labor in the United States. 5% of bottle sales will support our renewable energy projects worldwide.